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Walter & Donna's RV Adventures

Replace WFCO Converter

The standard WFCO converters included with most RVs are cheap but don't treat the batteries very well potentially reducing the life of the batteries in the RV. We do some boondocking and do not want our batteries to die too quickly. So we are replacing the converter with a Progressive Dynamics (PD9260CV) 60 Amp Power Converter with Charge Wizard.

The installation is pretty straight forward. In the front storage area of our 5ver is an access panel in the area directly above the central vacuum (Red Box). 4 wood screws hold the panel in place.

The old converter is held in with 2 screws into the wood bulkhead. 1 Red wire, 1 Black wire, and 1 copper ground wire to remove.Once all the wires are removed I removed the screws and removed the old converter. Picture is the new converter already in place.

The converter is plugged directly into the back of the power center which requires the removal of the power center from the cabinet to get to the power plug.

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